Summer Youth Events

The ELCA National Youth Gathering: July 23-29, 2022

All Current 8th-12th Grade Youth and Families are invited to Minneapolis for the ELCA National Youth Gathering July 23-29, 2022. Sign Up with a Non-Refundable $100 Deposit before November 1st for the best price available!

Add the 2022 Gathering to the Timeline of your Faith Journey. Register HERE.

The Gathering is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where our youth will serve, worship and party with 30,000 + Lutheran Youth from all over the WORLD!! Incoming 8th-12th Graders & Parents should sign up NOW for this amazing opportunity in your faith!

Adults are needed for this event. We have not decided if we will be flying or asking for adults to drive to and from the event (busses will be provided by the Gathering during the event). Adults are welcome to enjoy the event, while guiding our youth and leading small groups throughout the event. Adults attend for free, with the fee of their trip being worked into the fee for our youth participants. Adults are responsible to be 100% present at the event and all opportunities within.