Ways to Help Our Community

Make Masks

There is a need in our community for masks beyond the N95.

Here are a few sets of instructions on how to make these masks properly from home.


CDC instructions

Mask Making Plans

Bring your completed masks to the church and we’ll get them delivered to the right locations.

If you need a mask, we will set up a basket in the narthex soon with masks in it. Stop by and pick one up anytime.


Diapers of all sizes are always needed. Simply place them in the grocery carts at church or drop them by the office. We’ll take it from there. Oh yea, don’t forget about baby wipes too!

Hygiene Products

Simple hygiene products are always something that is needed in our community. Think of things like toothbrushes and toothpaste; deodorant and body spray; soap and shampoo; feminine pads and tampons. These items can be placed in the grocery carts as well.

Little Free Pantry

GSLC’s Little Free Pantry continues to bless hundreds of people in our community. Continue placing items directly into the pantry or bring them into the church and place them in the grocery carts.

Financial Gifts

Good Shepherd’s pastors and staff continue to work and serve at full capacity. Our ways of living out God’s mission and ministry for our congregation have changed, but they are still being fully lived out through the nearly 4,000 people who call GSLC their faith home.

Since everyone on our pastor and staff teams continues to serve, Church Council has made the decision to continue payroll as usual. Council also decided that GSLC will continue to pay monthly and quarterly benevolence at the percentage levels approved in the 2020 Ministry Financial Plan.

Good Shepherd continues to be a strong faith community in our region thanks in large part to the generosity of our membership. We look forward to continuing to be a strong faithful presence long after COVID-19 is over. Church Council invites all of us to continue to financially support God’s work through our congregation with our gifts of offerings and tithes. There are variety of ways that we can do this on our website.