Partner in Ministry

These monthly partnerships in ministry are made possible by the giving spirits of our congregation. With each contribution, we are able to pour back into our Bismarck/Mandan communities and places around the world to help others fulfill their needs. We thank you for your generosity!

Together we can make a difference!

Western North Dakota Synod

The Western ND Synod exists for the sake of the Gospel. Its task is to help ELCA congregations, like GSLC to equip and carry out God’s mission within their communities. :: Fun Fact: The word Synod is derived from the Greek words ‘Syn’ – meaning together or with and ‘Odos’ – meaning ‘the way or path’ Therefore, Synod literally means “On the path together!”
In 2020, members of the congregations in the Western ND Synod gave $1,063,096 in offerings. When a congregation shares a portions of their offerings, it is called Mission Support. These gifts allow the Synod to guide and serve pastoral leaders and candidates, to provide support to congregations, and to provide you a connection to the greater church. A percentage of that money is also shared with mission partners and the national churchwide organization.

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