Leadership for Faithful Innovation Mission Project

Advent is upon us and we are very excited to invite you to join us in being more aware of where
you see God in your daily life. You may feel the strong presence of God while at Good
Shepherd on Wednesday evenings, Saturday evenings, or Sundays, but where is God at in your
life on Monday?
Good Shepherd’s Leadership for Faithful Innovation (LFI) Guiding Team would like to challenge
you to daily ask that question this Advent season and to watch for and capture the “God
Moments” in your everyday life. We intend to learn, together as a congregation, how to watch
for and embrace “God Moments.”
So ask as you journey through your daily lives:
What might God be up to today in this place?
How do I sense God’s presence in my daily life?
How is God at work in our neighborhoods and community?
Diligently looking for these “God Moments” helps us create intentionality in our lives, find hope
in all moments of life, and get a new perspective on each day.
So, watch for the extraordinary beauty in nature, the helpful person at the grocery store, and all
blessed moments that surprise you and remind you of God’s goodness this month!
Share your “God Moments” with us in the form of pictures and/or brief sentences. We want to
celebrate all that God is doing in our lives this Advent! Our team will be compiling the “God
Moments” and sharing them before or during worship times and displayed throughout the
church in one way or another, so that we can all be thankful together for the ways that we are
noticing God at work in our lives, community, and world.
Submit your “God Moments” in one of the following ways:
*email to gsgodmoments@gmail.com with brief explanation and your first name please
*drop physical copy of photo or short writing in the Drop Box in the Narthex at Good Shepherd
We look forward to exploring and contemplating your “God Moments” right along side you this