We are blessed to be part of your child’s faith journey! Students begin Confirmation in 6th grade and are confirmed in the fall of their 9th grade year. Grades 6, 7, and 8 walk through Old Testament (6th Gr.), New Testament (7th Gr.), and Catechism (8th Gr.), lessons with a pastor to deepen their knowledge and understanding of God, the Bible, faith, and what it means to be a Lutheran. Through these years, students learn how to live out their faith as adults in the church.

Here are some commonly asked questions.
When are classes? Classes are: 6th 5:30-6:25, 7th 7:20-8:05, 8th 8:10-8:55

As a parent, what do I need to do? Parents are expected to participate in the educational life of their child as well as other students in Confirmation as a fulfillment of your baptismal promises. Walk with your child during this journey. Talk with them about class topics, attend church regularly, read the Bible and pray together. Take turns sitting at the small group table engaging with students. Please be in contact with the parents in your small group to make a schedule.

If I can’t make a class as small group parent leader, who do I call? Please let the other parents in your group know as soon as possible to find a replacement. The church does not need to know this schedule.

How do I find my small group number? Your small group will be assigned to you prior to the start of Confirmation. It begins with your grade, followed by your table number. Each year, your grade will change but your table will not. For example if you begin in group 6-B, the following year you will be in group 7-B.

What if I missed a year of Confirmation? Please talk with a pastor about catching up. It is possible to still be confirmed on time.

How do I know where I am with requirements? Check out your binder and checklist to see where you are at.

When do Confirmation Services take place? Confirmation services are held during Reformation weekend (last weekend in October) each year. There are typically two services; 7:00pm on Saturday and 1:30 on Sunday.

What is a sermon note? Sermon Notes are a way to engage in a worship setting. These must be completed in a worship space either here at Good Shepherd or in another worship community. Listening to worship online or watching the recordings cannot be used for sermon notes. Sermon notes must be signed after the worship service by an usher or a pastor/staff member.

How will we know if confirmation is canceled or not happening? If Bismarck schools close early or are closed on a Wednesday, then there will be no confirmation.


Confirmation is meaningful in our life in Christ when parents, youth, pastors, staff, and all members of the congregation actively participate. What an exciting gift to be live in Christ together as a community of faith! If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Bob Caranicas by calling the church office or sending an e-mail to



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