Located at Washington St. & Divide Ave.

Saturday: 5 pm

Sunday: 8:30 am, 9:45 am, 11 am 

Wednesday: 6:30 pm at Hillside Park, Shelter #2


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is located at the corner of Washington Street and Divide Avenue in Bismarck, ND.

Good Shepherd News

Check in often to read about the latest happenings and upcoming events at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. For information about youth events, please view the calendar in the Youth Ministries section.

Foreign Excahnge Students

Open your heart and home !  Host a high school foreign  exchange student.  There are many students who need a host family such as: Mauricio Andres who is a male from Mexico who speaks Spanish, French, and English.  His interests are tennis, computers, swimming, watching sports, soccer and piano.  Paula is a female from Spain who enjoys hiking/backpacking, cycling, listening to pop music, acting (drama/theater), reading, photography, movies and writing books.  For more information contact Kimberly Hegel at 701-471-7529 or www.kimhegel.com.