Caring Ministries

Caring Ministries

Good Shepherd’s Caring Ministries encompass an array of groups and services, and encourage others to join our community of faith.

Good Shepherd is a community of faith where both guest and host can feel celebrated. It is a place where the generations mix and match and each person can truly get the sense that his or her life is interesting, remarkable, grace-filled, and worthy of note. Part of what keeps us connected one to another is being sensitive to the God-given gifts of others. It means listening to hear and not to refute; it means showing care rather than judgment.

In this community of faith all are welcome and we strive to create and maintain a hospitable, nurturing place to grow in the faith. In a welcoming space we are encountered by God’s grace as it relates to our own stories and the stories of those we love. Know you are always welcome to be part of the ministry at Good Shepherd. We can honestly say to you, whatever your age, whatever your story, whoever you are….”We’re glad you’re here!”

The Caring Ministries of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church are here to enfold and embrace you and your loved ones, as well as to promote caring within and beyond the congregation for the health of all.

Prayer Chain

More than two dozen individuals lift up prayer requests every day on the Prayer Chain. For more information, please contact the church office.

Home Communion Ministry

We have many people in our congregation who cannot come to church for a variety of reasons. We feel it is so important that these faithful members stay connected to the family of Good Shepherd, especially through receiving Holy Communion. We have a dedicated and loving team who minister to these members by sharing Communion with them and staying for a visit.

Hospital Visitation Ministry

A stay in the hospital can be a very stressful and sometimes scary time in someone’s life. What a blessing it is to receive a visit from a church member to let them know that we care about them, and are praying for them. We have a team of people who visit members in both Bismarck hospitals Monday through Friday. The commitment to this ministry is very flexible; we have some who visit once a month, others who visit once a week, and others who are only able to visit in the Summer and Fall because they go South for the Winter.

Funeral Fellowship Ministry

When we hear of a death in a family, our first reaction is what can we do? Our first thought is prayer, for those mourning the loss of their special person. One of the ways we show the Shepherd’s love is to serve as part of the Funeral Fellowship Ministry. What a privilege it is to provide a time for the family to share memories with those who attend. Each year we serve 25 to 30 funeral fellowships. Each one requires 8 to 12 pans of bars and 6 to 8 workers. We are usually at the Church for 3 to 4 hours. We welcome men as well as women!



Saturday, October 5
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Spend a day developing communication skills, faith sharing and ministry reflection.  Get a taste of different Caring Ministries so you may discover your ministry calling.  Take the first step to equip yourself for a lifelong journey of healthy conversations and care of yourself and others.  This training does not require you to become part of the Caring Ministry team. It will help you in your daily life along with helping you discern what may be available to you to answer the call of discipleship.