Good Shepherd News

Check in often to read about the latest happenings and upcoming events at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. For information about youth events, please the Youth Ministries section.

Prayers Of God’s People

Attendance Last Week

5:00 pm – 110

8:30 am – 115
9:45 am – 374
11:00 am – 218
6:00 pm – 45

6:30 pm – 91

Last week 953 DISCIPLES were sent out to make a difference in God’s name. We go out to do the same this week.


Condolences to the family of Marion Voxland

following her death


The will not be a Well Worship Service on Sunday, May 27. This worship service will be moving to Wednesdays for the summer months starting on May 30. The Wednesday worship will be held at Lions Hillside Park at 6:30 pm in Shelter #2. The park is located on Boulevard Ave. and 19th Street. For inclement weather the worship service will be held at the church. All are welcome.


Call Committee

The Call Committee has completed Good Shepherd’s Ministry Site Profile (MSP). Our MSP is the document that helps introduce prospective pastoral candidates to Good Shepherd’s ministry and mission. The next step in the call process is receiving potential candidates names from the Synod office in order to begin meeting candidates. The timeframe during this step of the process can be a little uncertain because of the current significant shortage of pastors available for a new call in the ELCA. Updates to the Call Committee’s work, including the complete Ministry Site Profile, are available on the Call Committee section of our website at

Prayer Team for the Banquet

Churches are being invited to provide prayer teams for a new ministry with The Banquet. The purpose of the teams is to be available to pray with anyone who voluntarily wishes prayer. Prayer teams should be scheduled with The Banquet Director, Karla Eisenbeisz – For more information, please call Wendy at 701-255-1001 or email:

Youth Fundraiser—Wall of Money is Here!!

The youth of GSLC are holding one of the easiest fundraisers of all time: the Wall Of Money! The concept is simple. Come to the table/wall where the youth that are going to Houston are hanging out. There will be envelopes with dollar amounts written on them. Choose an envelope that has the amount of money that you wish to donate written on it. Place that amount of money in the envelope and simply return it to the youth or church office. Easy.

In the process, ask the youth what they are excited about when they think about going to the youth gathering. Share stories of when you went. Connect with them, pray with them, laugh with each other. In the process, make a plan to reconnect when they come back and see what God has done and continues to do. The Wall Of Money will be available this and next weekend. Will you partner with us in this ministry?

Volunteers Needed

Good Shepherd is looking for volunteers to prepare our Sanctuary for worship each Monday. Tasks include vacuuming, cleaning pews, straightening Bibles and bookmarks, and dusting. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Narthex. If you have any questions, please contact Scott at 701-204-2901.

 Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center Hosts Golf Event

Please make plans to join us for a new and one of a kind fundraising event on June 8, 2018, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The 1st Annual Hillview Cup will take place at Golf Etc. This event is a team long-drive contest where teams of four will have 30 minutes to drive a golf ball as many times and as far as they can. The total cumulative yardage will be totaled to determine the event winner. Teams will sign-up for 45-minute time slots after they register for the event. Join us for prizes, food, and fun all to benefit a good cause! Register or get more information at You can also contact Jessica Gilbertson at 701-221-9349 or

Garden Ministry

The Garden Ministry is anticipating a wonderful growing season that includes some updating in various areas.  If you have a dump trailer or dump truck that can be used for hauling rock and various other landscaping items, please call John Fischer at 701-223-2344.  We are also looking for monetary donations for landscaping rock, flowers, trees or landscaping fabric. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Melanie in the church office at 701-255-1001 or via email:  Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

Do You Like To Take Pictures?

We are looking for members who are interested in photographing events that happen at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. They would be used in the newsletter, the annual report and the website. If you are interested, please contact Paige at 701-255-1001 or You can share the Shepherd’s love with your talents.