Located at Washington St. & Divide Ave.

Saturday: 5 pm

Sunday: 8:30, 9:45, 11 am & 6 pm

Wednesday: 6:30 pm


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is located at the corner of Washington Street and Divide Avenue in Bismarck, ND.

Colleagues in Ministry

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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is one of nearly 11,000 congregations of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA resulted from a union of three North American Lutheran church bodies: The American Lutheran Church, the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches and the Lutheran Church in America. The three churches agreed to unite in 1982. They formed a 70-member Commission for a New Lutheran Church, which planned the merger. The plan was approved by church conventions in 1986, and the ELCA constituting convention was held April 30 - May 3, 1987, with the church actually beginning operations on January 1, 1988.


Western North Dakota Synod Website

Good Shepherd is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Western North Dakota Synod. This link will take you to the Western North Dakota Synod's homepage.

From the Western North Dakota Synod on Standing Rock

Lutheran World Relief - Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a worker-owned, Fair Trade cooperative that brings Fair Trade coffee and more to the U.S. market. Equal Exchange partners with LWR and with other faith groups to help farmers build a better life for themselves and their communities. For each pound of coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar and snacks bought through the LWR Coffee Project, Equal Exchange donates $.20 to the LWR Small Farmer Fund. Since the Project began in 1997, these donation have amounted to more than $613,000!


Camp of the Cross

In the early 1950s, during the creation of Lake Sakakawea, while the Garrison Dam was constructed on the Missouri River, a group of progressive-minded Lutherans began looking for a spot to place a new Bible Camp on the shores of this future lake. These people were truly visionary! When they decided on the site for Camp of the Cross, they only had elevation marks to tell them where the water would be when the dam was completed. In 1955, after the completion of the Garrison Dam, a corporation was formed and nearly 100 acres were leased from the Corps of Engineers. The lease was a 25-year renewable at a whopping payment of $1. The Camp purchased the Corps building that had been used for housing and feeding workers who built the dam. The buildings were trucked 70 miles around the east end of the lake to the camp’s present location. In the 1990s, Camp of the Cross began to bloom with a renewed interest in outdoor ministry. Camp of the Cross had its first capital campaign to build new facilities. The camp has grown into a year-round facility for children and adults.

Camp of the Cross Ministries is now hiring - Click Here 


Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

LSS is a statewide, not-for-profit social service agency providing a wide variety of services, e.g. adoption services, Great Plains Food Bank, Senior Companion Program, help for compulsive gamblers, Childcare Resource and Referral, youth tracking, rural response, and much more.


Ruth Meiers Hospitality House

The Ruth Meiers Hospitality House provides housing and supportive services to assist homeless and low-income people in achieving self-sufficiency. It is named in honor of North Dakota’s former lieutenant governor and rooted in her belief that each individual is unique with value and talents deserving respect and appreciation. As a shelter, the agency operates a myriad of properties which include a Men’s Residence with emergency and transitional housing for up to 25 men, nine neighborhood based town homes available to families in need and a twenty-five unit apartment complex for low income adults. Supplemental to the shelter services provided by the agency is the Stone Soup Kitchen, Joanne’s Healthcare Center, a Used Furniture Barn, and a food pantry.


Habitat for Humanity

This nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization invites all people to join them as they build simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those in need of adequate shelter. Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 125,000 houses in more than 80 countries, including some 45,000 houses across the United States.


Living Water Lutheran Church

Since 1996, Living Water Lutheran Church has been working to organize a new ELCA congregation on the south side of Mandan. It has been a slow process, but growth is taking place. As of June 23, 2002, 103 baptized had signed an organizational charter. They have been officially recognized as an ELCA congregation.


Interfaith Fund

Interfaith’s mission is to help those people who cannot receive assistance from various agencies like United Way, Aid Inc., and County Social Services. Interfaith helps those who find themselves in severe economic, social, or spiritual crisis.


God’s Child Project

The several hundred children assisted by The GOD’S CHILD Project currently fall into twenty-one different "categories." In general, though, they are children who are (a) exceptionally poor and continue to live with their own families, and (b) older, orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise hurt children who can no longer live with their natural families.


Lutheran Campus Ministry

Lutheran Campus Ministry assists persons in academic settings to discover and fulfill their vocation in Jesus Christ. This ministry has its roots in the Christian community gathered by the Spirit through the proclamation of the word of God and the celebration of the sacraments. Students are the largest constituency and basic focus of the campus ministry program.


Abused Adult Resource Center

The AARC was founded in 1976 to provide emergency support, crisis intervention, temporary shelter, food, counseling, and advocacy to victims of domestic violence. They work with their clients and their children to help find a life free from abuse. They also work with the community to develop an awareness and sensitivity to the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault and to establish programs to break the cycle of abuse.


Stephen Ministry

Good Shepherd is blessed with an active Stephen Ministry. Click here to explore the Stephen Ministry website to learn more about this incredible ministry.


God Pause Devotional

Sign up for God Pause, Luther Seminary's daily e-mail devotions. God Pause devotions are short but meaningful reflections on the following Sunday's lessons and gospel.


PV for Phebe Resources

Help bring reliable energy to the Phebe Hospital for this generation and the generation to come. The project aims to install an array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels at Phebe that will cover the hospital’s daytime energy needs, with energy storage to allow the hospital to function for up to two hours without direct sunlight.


Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA